This is your Georgia Girl Citronella Lambert, but my friends and associates call me Centra. My godmother, rest her soul, named me after a mosquito repellent back in the day. 😊 It is also the name of a candle now. I know you heard of the Citronella Candle, right? If not, click that link to see for yourself. I didn’t always claim my name but since then I’ve embraced it because it’s my birth name. I was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia. I am a widower with three grown children and four (4) handsome grand boys with one on the way. This little guy is due in June 2019. I am so proud to be a mother and grandmother, although I definitely don’t look like a grandmother and most people think I’m my children’s sister – Check me out at age 60 to the left over there. Yeah I know it’s hard to believe. I do look good for my age, don’t I? 😊

I work alongside Entrepreneurs to help develop their growing business and create space to work on their business away from their business. I am empathic and have great listening skills and am passionate about seeing people succeed in this one life we have to live, and yeah I put emphasis on ONE LIFE cause that’s really all we have so we all need to make the best of it and be HAPPY and fulfilled with joy! I will take you and myself to the limit. If you join me, be ready to work hard for whatever your goal is and succeed!

I’m passionate about helping people and businesses grow financially. Everyone can win if they are willing to get in the game, stay in the game and complete one task at a time. If you’re willing to be persistent, consistent, and have a desire to work in the privacy of your own home, you along with me can definitely make it happen because I want stop until we do!

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