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Why Pre-1978 Lead Paint Is Still Causing Health Problems

Even though there had been warnings about the possible dangers of lead paint as early as the 1900s, both federal and state officials still routinely recommended its use. When a 1949 study pointed out the health hazards it posed to

Knowing More About Acoustical Testing In Jacksonville

When addressing people using public address equipment, the speaker desires to have all the people understand what is said with no hindrance. This is meanwhile not always achieved because the sound could be altered by the devices used before it

‘This, too, shall pass.’ On the majestic Monarch butterfly now in diminished numbers flying indomitable but for how long? Look up in awe, as this great thing of beauty soars above us, threatened.

Author’s program note. As I write, in early October, the Monarch has just about finished its great conjuring trick for another year; rising, flying, gliding, dancing in its millions with sun beams as it hastens, like so many snow birds,

Basics Of The Stock Market

Many new investors jump into the stock market based on hearing the hype of how it?s possible to make great money investing this way. They may have heard of a friend who made a bundle with day trading or a