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You may have been wondering if there is an effective and easy way to repair your home or camp awning. There is no need for you to go for an expensive way. Repairing does not need to be that expensive.

An awning can be fixed in many different reasons. The most expected reason is that the fabric has been damaged. Due to the fact that it is exposed outside and it is prone from having tears and holes. And that is why it will require an awning repair NJ or for worse cases replace it. Sometimes, a fabric may be in a good condition, but the stitches have become undone and thus, needing to be reattached.

Always have a repair kit with you. Include a clear tape for repair. Tape that matches your textile patterns are also available. Have an outdoor glue or water proof glue in your kit. It is important to remove and clean all the dirt and everything that surrounds the area with a water based, non abrasive textile solution for cleaning, before doing the repair.

Clean it off from top to bottom area that will needs to be fixed with a water based solution for cleaning. An oil based solution for cleaning will really not work for this time. Get off all the dirt, molds and everything that you see. Watch out and avoid creating a larger damage. Check out for small holes or areas that you think are about create tear. Preventing small holes and tears will help to avoid leaks during rainy days and making the hole worse.

When everything is already clean, pat it dry with an absorbent towel or any clean cloth. Use it to absorb the moisture. Do not leave the moisture in the area. Allow the air to help it in, absorbing the moisture.

When applying the tape, put a board or place it on a flat surface under the tear. When you put a tape in a wrong kind of way, do not remove it. Removing it will make the tear or hole worse. Instead, apply another tape to cover the tear.

For tears or holes that reaches bigger than three feet, use a patch. This patch is also available in patterns that will match your awnings. Choose a the perfect match for you. Trim it in a shape of a square, in a height and width two inches larger than the hole.

trim the loose or hanging material from the edge of the hole with a fabric scissors or a sharp knife. Smooth the edge of the material if you want to have a very clean finish. And apply the outdoor glue around the hole.

Replacing it with a new one is not always an option. Repairing it will cost you just a little that replacing. You can fix and do it yourself and surely it will not cost too much. But if you a budget, you can always hire someone to do and fix it for you.

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