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Many people do not look at their dog as a pet they see them as their baby. It is not unheard of for someone to have custuom dog portraits made of their beloved dog. People have portraits of their families and their children all the time. If your puppy is a part of your family why not have his or her portrait made?

You can include your beloved dog in a portrait of you and your family or you can have one done of just your dog. Some people even do it both ways. There are even photographers out there that only take picture of animals. They will take any kind of photo you want.

Some owners choose to dress their pets in cute outfits for their portraits. If you are having the photos done in a studio you can choose from a number of backdrops. You want to pick one that looks good with your dogs colors. You want to try to capture your dogs personality in the photo.

If your dog has a toy that he loves and carries every where with him then you should have his toy in the portrait with him. If your dog is the type of dog that enjoys running and playing outdoors then you should get a portrait of him outdoors.

You want to capture who they are just like with a person, they have their own personality. Dogs can be silly, grumpy, loving, and even stingy. They all have different personalities and you want that personality to show through in their portrait. There are pet photographers that spend their professional lives learning how to take the perfect picture of your beloved dog.

If you have a dog that was like family that passed away you can still get a portrait of that dog. It would be wonderful to have a portrait to hang up of your dog that is not with you any more. There are professionals that can paint a portrait from a picture. You just find the best picture you have of that dog and take it to a professional and they will paint you a beautiful portrait. Dogs are not just pets they are companions and friends and it is hard when you lose one. We miss them when they pass just like we would miss a friend that died.

It is important to remember your deceased pets and the best way to do that is to have a portrait done of them. You can do it before they pass or after they are gone. If you get a picture done while they are still with you then you will have it long after they are gone.

Custom portraits are a great way to hold on to memories. Most people have them done of their whole family but not many people think to have one done of their dog. If your dog is a part of your family then he should have one done too. If you have more than one dog then you should have a portrait done of all of them. You can do them separately or all together. You can even include it in the family portrait, it is your choice how you want to do it.

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