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Not many people actually relish their home cleaning chores. But there is no denying that they need to be done in order to keep a healthy, presentable home. There are some things that should be done a regular basis, even daily for certain tasks. In the race to keep up with all of these little jobs, you are probably going to end up using a lot of various cleaning products.

The trouble is, some cleaning products, especially the ones that use strong chemicals, can be dangerous to your health and damaging to the environment. Thankfully, there are alternative cleaners that you can make for yourself from common household ingredients that have proven just as effective as the top cleaning brands, but are safer to use.

Most natural cleaning solutions call for varying levels of a few different ingredients. Most often, you will see ones that use water, vinegar, lemon juice, salt and baking soda. Almost everything in your home can be fully cleaned using these safe, natural components.

For glass surfaces, a good solution is made of half a gallon of water and 4 or 5 tablespoons of lemon juice. You may have heard about using old newspapers to wipe them down, but this is simply a bad idea. It can leave a big, shredded, inky mess. An old-fashioned wash cloth or an old shirt is a much better option.

Wooden furniture can lose some of its luster as it gets old. You can give it new life by polishing it up, but many store-bought polishes are odorous and full of chemicals. Try making your own by mixing 1/3 lemon juice with 2/3 olive oil. It works, it smells great, and you could dip a piece of bread in it if you wanted.

Some furniture is made with vinyl pieces. If you find them covered in stains, a cloth doused in pure lemon juice is often enough to get it back to looking great.

To an even greater extent than wood polishes, metal polishes are stinky substances full of chemicals you would not want on or in your body. If you have items of copper or brass that are showing tarnish, try using a natural blend before going for the industrial stuff. A paste can be made out of equal parts flour, vinegar and salt. Rub it onto the metal surface with a soft cloth, and you should be golden.

If you have a fireplace that you regularly use, you may begin to notice a buildup of smoke and soot stains on the wall around it. To remove these, try making a paste out of cream of tartar and water. Smear the paste over the stains, let it dry, and then scrub it off to remove the dark streaks.

Vinegar has a bonus use of being able to absorb the odor of paint fumes. Try leaving an open container of it in a room while you are painting. You can leave it there, while the paint dries, but remember to swap it out for a fresh vessel regularly.

Living a spotless home can make you feel great. Owning the home of your dreams is also a good motivation to keep up with the regular cleaning and maintenance. Garrette Custom Homes Puget Sound builds custom homes in Puget Sound, and could be the key to finding the home of your dreams.

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