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Chances are if you have children or teens, they probably have asked you to plan a slumber party. Rather than just have kids haul over sleeping bags and eat mounds of chips and popcorn, why not take it up a notch and plan the world’s best slumber party? With a bit of advance planning, you can create an amazing party for the kids.

Sometimes it’s simply easiest to plan a party around a theme, and just about any theme can work for a slumber party. If it’s a party for boys, you might opt for a camping theme, a sports theme or perhaps a Lego theme, although girls certainly might enjoy those themes as well. Other options are host a craft party sleepover or a spa sleepover or you could center the entire party theme on a movie you intend to show as the evening wears on.

Your slumber party menu definitely needs some advance planning, as food is sure to be a highlight of the evening. To please a variety of children, you could set up a buffet where kids could create their own sandwiches or tacos or perhaps simply purchase a huge three-foot submarine sandwich. A backyard barbecue also can be a fun option, and the kids can enjoy hamburgers or perhaps grill hot dogs and marshmallows over a fire pit. You could even host a spa party with salads, cucumber water and fresh fruit.

A sweet treat is definitely an essential component to the evening and sure, you could bake up a pan of brownies or buy some cookies at the store, but a more interesting option would be to purchase a gourmet treat such as chocolate pizza. Chocolate Pizza Company hand makes these amazing concoctions and can ship them anywhere in the country. They arrive packaged in a real pizza box, and kids can simply break off a chunk of pizza and munch. This is an easy option because you don’t have to cook, and the clean-up is a breeze as well.

There is a full menu of chocolate pizzas to consider with dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate crusts. The milk and dark options are created by mixing melted chocolate with English toffee, and then you can select some toppings or perhaps just a splash of white chocolate. The white chocolate pizzas are a blend of chocolate, almonds and cranberries. Another fun idea would be to also purchase some of Chocolate Pizza Company’s other signature treat, which is Peanut Butter Wings. These crispy delights are created by dipping a mix of creamy peanut butter and crunchy potato chips into milk or dark chocolate.

After all the food and fun, it will be time for your guests to settle down and sleep. While there might be more giggling than sleeping, they still need a space reserve for rest. You might need to move furniture around a bit to provide enough floor space, and then you can have the kids set sleeping bags on mats or perhaps even inflatable mattresses. Because the setting is unfamiliar, nightlights are important, but you can make them festive by hanging up some cute string lights or using LED candles.

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