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There are various companies making metal garages in the US but Duramax have been on the job since 1983 and have honed the craft to perfection at this stage. While Duramax make a whole range of building products from metal sheds, vinyl garages to vinyl sheds even vinyl fencing and patios, it is their metal garages that are most popular.

Traditionally folks would have considered a wooden garage to serve their needs but these days this idea doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Why is that you ask? There are many pros over purchasing a metal garage over wood and of course the biggest one is that termites will never bother your metal garage, secondly it is a lot more cost effective and thirdly it is much easier and faster to put together.


The modular design of metal garage kits makes it really handy to install and it is always possible to replace a panel if your shed gets damages by a tree in a storm. All parts a numbered and can be purchased individually from any decent Duramax dealer.

Furthermore when you have a perfect level concrete base to set your shed on. The whole assembly is a step by step process that any DIY minded person is capable of doing. All parts are numbered and modular panels fit side by side. You will surprise yourself how quick it goes when you get stuck in.

As for space provide by Duramax metal garages, they come all at standard 12 feet wide, but are available in lengths from; 20ft up to 32 ft. long offering a floor area from 240 sq. feet up to 384 sq. feet. This is substantial for most DIY home owners and these buildings will fit discreetly adjacent the average home and will enhance any property by their presence.

The front roll up door comes at 74 inches high and 98 inches wide allowing easy access for trucks or regular autos. The building also has a small pedestrian side door that proves useful for quick access in and out for tools etc. These doors can be padlocked ensuring a secure storage unit and peace of mind.

The roof structure on these metal garages is reinforced with heavy duty steel purlins that offers adequate support for snow load and extreme climate conditions that are common in the US winter periods. Duramax warrant their buildings with a 20lbs/ sq foot snow load and to withstand 115 mph winds when the building is anchored to the base which surpassed many cheaper brands.

Buying a Duramax garage makes perfect sense in many ways. They offer superb value for money; you will never have to treat them as you would a wooden building, they are great for DIY assembly minded folks and this fact alone will save you thousands of dollars. So what’s stopping you erecting your very own metal garage kit today and enjoy the fruits of your achievements that will serve you for many years to come.

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