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Training your puppy or dog is highly important, and people should know this especially those who have acquired dogs or planning to purchase one soon. There are several reasons why you need dog obedience training and is one of the best things you and your family will get, including your dog companion, although you may also think that you don’t need this, but training truly can transform your relationship with your pet.

It is important to know that every year, there are hundreds of thousands of these canines breed will be surrendered to dog shelters and put to sleep. There are reasons for this and one of the top reasons why they end up in the shelters is because of bad behavior of the dogs. Scratching furniture or doors is one or they bark most of the time, or they run out every time you open the door or the car door or they destroy items in the house they see. It is a pain in the neck if you have pets that are causing you problems always, but like children, they have to be taught on the proper behavior to have, and with some patience, dog owners can teach dogs on following orders properly. The dog training you have can keep your dog from ending up in the dog shelters and help you truly enjoy your time spent with your pet.

Another reason to consider dog training is to keep your dog safe from harm. A dog that darts away from your home or jumps out of your car puts itself in danger. In addition to dangers from cars driving along the road, your dog also might encounter unfriendly dogs and wild animals. Even running away and darting into shrubbery can cause them to become injured. In addition, it’s not much fun chasing after a pet that won’t come when you call it and having to deal with an animal that constantly runs away. With proper dog training, your dog easily can be taught to stay when you tell them to and never dart away again.

Dog training also can improve your enjoyment of your canine companion. Imagine owning a dog that comes when you call, stops barking when you command, never jumps on your guests and doesn’t chew up personal belongings or damage your home. Just about any dog can be trained how to behave correctly, and you will end up with a fun, happy furry friend that you will enjoy every day and can take just about anywhere.

You two will be spending a good time together, and this is when you teach your dog proper behavior and rules to follow. The bond between dog and owner will grow stronger, and this helps in the understanding between both of you. Your dog will know what to expect and also behave properly, and you will be happy with this dog because of the obedience training given which strengthens the relationship between both of you. A happy and loving owner is what a dog needs because dogs just want to please.

If you do not know how to start this, you can talk to the experts like people at Seattle Family Dog Training. They are the experts who have developed a program that is easy to use, for people who want to learn dog training or puppy training in Seattle. They have the system that will teach dogs to stop bad behavior like darting and running away, not coming even when called, leash tugging, jumping on visitors and people, barking excessively and many other common issues.

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